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after 3 weeks of testing, here is what I figured out about the LI posting algorithm:


1.) content MUST be original! if you want to maximize your expose this is a must

linkedin is trying to get to the root of where their content is coming from so if you want to get exposure, keep that shit original


2.) when you first post, your post goes out to a small test group to see if its well received (likes, comments, shares (LCS)) it’ll be shown to a wider network of 1st, 2nd, and 3rd connections

if the post gets LCS then it will continue to grow for the next week or so



3.) if you absolutely have to share someone else’s article, blog post, video, quotes, website (that shit better be f!@#ing unreal and add value to your network!) think about it for a secondΒ πŸ€”Β then write a response, agree or disagree, give educated thoughtful advice and reference the source or reference your personal website which references the source


4.) be relevant.

LI’s algo is smart enough to know if your posting is stale or if it’s been copied from another LI user. If you want to get impressions, post relevant, up-to-date, original content.


5.) posting time matters (because the first challenge is always getting out of your test environment).

look through your user base and see where they are in the country (ex. I live in Denver but a majority of my network lives in 1) Chicago Β 2) Indianapolis)

when do you look at LI?

morning commute? mid-morning? lunch? end of day tasks? A/B test your network and see what time works best for you. My network is most active between 8am-2pm CST Tuesday through Thursday


6.) be yourself & keep it simple

it’s funny I even have to mention this but seriously, talk like you talk and don’t use complicated business or technical jargon.

keep your post simple. Your posts should be under a 10th grade reading level and somewhere around 2-300 words MAX. If you wrote an article that is around 2000 words to better align with google SERP, then summarize your article in your post and link to your website.



learn or die. greg