I’m sorry my people. It’s been a minute since I actually posted. life’s been weird and I’m still trying to find my place.

Here’s what’s good with meditations:

1.) Presents is key – if you can slow yourself down and be present at every second, your life will be ‘happier’. “What is wrong with this second?”, “What is wrong with this moment?”. Nothing. focus on the present, built it in your mind, and the future is quantifiable.

2.) Organize yourself and the rest will follow – I’m not talking about your room or your closet… whatever your mind is telling you ‘NO’ stop. not tomorrow, now. Organize internally and the rest will follow.

3.) Gratefulness – 3 is actually #1, send it out, it’ll come back. Don’t burn bridges. And know, relationships are the only ‘actual’ thing that matters.