Stay Calm and Object On


The natural tendency when met with objections is to tackle it head on. Answer as quickly as possible! Especially if you know the answer or right direction. “You’re the expert, it’s your job to know.” Past data would say to answer as quickly as possible to ease concerns and hesitation; but new AI call logging software shows the complete opposite. By being present on your calls and taking a step back when met with objections, you can improve your closed-won rate.


What does the data say?


After sifting through 64,149 calls, a revenue intelligence company discovered a key attribute that can help you close.

When met with objection, the average sales person waits .8 seconds to respond, while top performers wait 1.7 seconds. This data shows that top performers slow it down! They take their time when handling objections and it’s paying off.


Even deeper, top performers ask a question after an objection to give themselves more time to think 54.3% of the time, while average performers ask questions 31% of the time.


In taking time to ask an educated question to an objection, you have the opportunity to get to the root of your prospects issue. This is a huge opportunity! The prospect is giving you actionable information and all you have to do is sit and listen.


All in all, give yourself time to think. Be calm in the face of objection and you’ll be one step closer to being a top performer!