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A Little Background

So here’s an intermediate level visualization mediation technique that allows you to push positivity to people that you’ve spent a decent amount of time with. For me, it has to be someone that I have a “relationship” with (so… more than an acquaintance).

I’ll take you through:
1.) How I figured this out
2.) How to visualize it
3.) How I tested and prove out the strategy.



Quick tip: This doesn’t work with negative shit. You can try (I’ll be honest, I did) but it won’t be good. For me it hits a firewall and comes right back. It’s a perfect example of the age old proverb, ‘put out what you what your world to be like’. Trust me, all that negative shit is coming right back at you. You are literally doing it to yourself.

How I Figured This Out : Hint, it has to do with Wim Hof 🥶

Living in Colorado, the mornings are beautiful up in the mountains! And also really cold. I was meditating outside in my underwear in 17 to 0 fahrenheit for 5 – 45 minutes toward the end of the season.


Like everything else, enjoy the process and start slow. I always started standing to get the circulation going, get to baseline, and start doing a body scan. Try and flex the hair on the top of your head (this is 100% possible but took me 2 weeks to figure out) and then flex every muscle slowly down your body till you get to the very tip of your toe. Then shoot that energy back up. If you do it hard enough it’ll start bouncing up and down your body, your heart rate will raise and your body will be it’s own coat.

Why Did I Tell You That? 

That’s how much energy you need to literally punch someone close to you with positivity throughout their day.


How Do I Visualize It?

(Here’s how I do it, there has to be multiple, comment below if you know of another)

Get to baseline, I start the technique above and start to push energy to the center of my body. Once I have what I think is enough (I’m pretty sure distance is a factor but haven’t been able to prove it because it seems to work every time) I visualize exactly where I think that person is (literal or figerative). If you saw them at that second, what expression would be on their face? Anything positive about their personality or physical features? Their voice? smell? Anything to give you a clear visualization of that person.

Once you see it, push as much out through the ‘tunnel’ you’re seeing and at that person.


Test & Prove The Strategy


  1. Put your phone on loud
  2. I’ve known both of these guys for 15+ years, it helps to start with someone you’ve know for a long time (family, close friends, extended family, etc…)


Travis Carsten – At the time he was my roommate (now engaged about to get married 🎉) and I was telling him about the experience and what I thought was happening. He agreed to test it with me and said, “ok, do it to me sometime on Tuesday from 10am to 11am”.

I said to him, “You don’t need to give me a time, I don’t think that matters. When you think of me this morning in a meaningful way (I.e. goosebumps) while grinding at work, shoot me a text.”.

He usually leaves at 6:30 am so I thought I would try it at a time he didn’t expect.

Around 8 am I started, around 10-15 minutes later I shot out as much as I could. Within 30 seconds he texted me saying, “Holy shit man! that’s pretty cool. Thanks!”.


Zach Johnson – This guy and myself grew up in the same neighborhood, went to the same middle/high school. He’s been a lifelong friend (this is important, as I said before, the closer the connection, the easier it is). I told Travis (my roommate above) that Zach would text me out of the blue.

To give you some context, it had been 4+ months since I’d talked to him. He just had his first child and high school friends 2k miles away cannot be a high priority.

I did the same technique above and my phone vibrated as I was meditating.

I got a text from Zach saying, “Hey man, it’s been awhile! Just thought of you, how have you been?”



1.) “Wim Hof” Technique
2.) Focus The Energy
3.) Visualize

*AGAIN: You can try to use this for manipulation or negative endeavors but it doesn’t work, I promise. There’s a dark side to meditation (just like anything else) and this will not be productive. Send out negativity if you want, but be prepared for the consequences. They’ll come. Every time.


Regardless if you think I’m right or wrong, leave a comment.


Learn or Die,