Now more than ever be skepictal af.

A New World Order is coming.

Some lite reading, main interpretations and theories associated with the New World Order concept:

  • Conspiracy theory of a totalitarian one-world government imposed by a secret elite ruling class
  • Greater cooperation between nations and regional blocs (EU, ASEAN, African Union, etc.)
  • Rise of multipolarity led by US, China, Russia, India, Europe, Brazil, etc.
  • Transition of power and influence from West to East (Asia, China, India)
  • Emergence of the United States as unchallenged superpower in a unipolar world
  • Spread of capitalist liberal democracy and consumer culture as dominant world system
  • Growth of economic and cultural globalization and global interdependence
  • Expansion of political globalization through multilateral organizations (UN, WTO, IMF, World Bank, ICC, etc.)
  • Rise of transnational challenges like climate change, terrorism, pandemics requiring global solutions
  • Decline of nation-state sovereignty and national identities
  • Development of global policy coordination networks between national governments
  • Power shift to multinational corporations and institutional investors in globalized economy
  • Technological integration and instant worldwide communication reshaping geopolitics
  • Move towards universal human rights and increased humanitarian intervention
  • Spread of English language as dominant world language

So in summary, the concept encompasses global political, economic, technological and cultural integration as well as power shifts between nations and regions. But interpretations diverge between utopian and dystopian visions of this integration.