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“die before you die, only then will you see there is no death”. – Eckhart Tolle

I never knew how to explain this to anyone.


I’ll tell you my story and how I learned this to be true. Through challenge, pain and struggle comes exponential growth.


At 28 I had never thought about death. Death was something you were told to be afraid of. Religion teaches a means to an end. You’re told about the tragedy of death in the news. You see it on social media. In your family. In your friend group. It’s everywhere but still you think, “I have time. That won’t happen to me”. But what if I told you that you could meditate on deaths edge and see its truths. Please, this is not for beginners. It’s very intense but when you come out… it’s absolutely life changingΒ πŸ™Β  I can now die completely happy… without fear, worry, or regret.


If you truly want to be free. If you truly want to see where you came from. Close your eyes and meditate on death.



Sorry this got too intense as I was thinking about it and don’t think the world is ready to hear this from me. It’s very hard to hear from a 28 year old.

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love or die. greg